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Drones For Courier Deliveries

Drones are here and their existence in the courier industry is inevitable. However, they have not been fully implemented in delivering packages for the courier businesses. There are still delays in this technology to come to life as they are still figuring out how to regulate drones when they go airborne. Due to the security issues and strict regulations set forth, the drone technology for the courier industry is yet to kick-off. Luckily, the future is bright for drones to hit the market and take off to make delivery immediate and certain. Some things it is set to bring along include:

Cheap Labour

Drones will not ask for leave or a salary increase. They deliver on demand depending on how they are programmed. With drones, you can be assured that they will follow the order you input into them. They provide the best alternative for human labour. If you want a certain package delivered to a particular location, you are sure that a drone will do that for you. You will not have to worry about a wrong delivery point or even delays.

Reliability in the Delivery of Small Packages

Since they are small, they can only carry small weights. They can help with emergency delivery of small packages like body organs and blood samples. Instead of hiring a whole van to deliver such packages, you will be able to utilise drones for this role.

Flexible Delivery

Delivery can be done at any time or anywhere provided the place is accessible to the drones. It helps to pinpoint the exact location such that your clients can get their packages even when they are not at home or at night. It shortens the distance to the point of delivery as it can find a direct route to your customer.

Overcome Traffic And Tough Terrain

The menace of traffic has been around for decades and it is getting worse. Even with subways being built, traffic is still here to stay. With drones, this all can come to an end for courier businesses. They can plan their time schedule and deliver on time without delays. Drones help to beat the tough terrain as they float in the air before they can drop the package at a predetermined location. They are programmed and set to the exact coordinates before being released to deliver a package for customers.

Limitations are there in the use of drones for deliveries. Since couriers look to improve the reputation of their businesses through cordial customer service, drones are machines and thus do not offer the human touch. Apart from that, they cannot fly in tight or small spaces, which limit them in terms of delivery. Since they are limited to accommodate small packages, the day they are cleared for use, couriers cannot entirely depend on them for their deliveries.

They will have to rely on other means such as vans to deliver the larger packages. Apart from that, your customers may not trust drones and thus will require the common means of deliveries. Such limitations hold back the use of this technology in the courier industry.


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