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Hovercraft Safety

In all hovercraft events, it is conditional for all participating hovercraft, including those built by students, to adhere to World Regulations for Competition Hovercraft - oh yes, they do exist now). By following the DiscoverHover free hovercraft plans, students will build a hovercraft designed to conform to these regulations.

All hovercraft, including DiscoverHover student hovercraft, must be checked by the Safety Officer of an authorized Hoverclub prior to its acceptance into any hovercraft race. During hovercraft races, the event Safety Officer again checks each hovercraft prior to its participation. Both the Safety Officials and the Race Officials closely monitor the performance of each hovercraft and pilot throughout all racing events.

This emphasis on assuring conformance to a rigorous safety code, regulating both the construction/condition of leisure hovercraft and the operational performance of the pilots, has created an unusually safe sport for both participants and spectators.

Hovercraft Safety and Maintenance Must Do's & Dont's

DO TAKE LESSONS from a qualified hovercraft pilot;
DO Watch the exhaust gas temperature gauges to avoid burning pistons;
DO Practice flying on land in a wide open space until you can weave in and out of a row of traffic cones spaced 25 feet apart without touching them;
DO Sit well back in the hovercraft when operating on water;
DO Grease the bearing grease fittings every 10 operating hours;
DO Stay away from people so as not to hit them with the slip stream;
DO Fly with consideration for others at all times and obey Coast Guard and local boating laws;
DO Carry emergency gear with you: flotation device, signal, paddle, first aid, etc
DON'T Start the engine with any guards removed (fanguard or engine cover)
DON'T Start the engine with people standing close behind the fan;
DON'T Fly any great distance over concrete, asphalt, through woods, over rough terrain, on gravel roads or ever on highways;
DON'T Stand up when operating on water;
DON'T Forget to lean into a turn but sit straight up on ice;
DON'T Fly fast until you have lots of experience and always give yourself plenty of room;
DON'T Put you hands into the fan or drive system unless you have the keys in your pocket and the engine is off;
DON'T Forget to trim the payload when cruising on water;
DON'T Forget to tie the hovercraft down on the trailer, attach the safety chains and check that the tilt latch is locked.


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