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How To Maintain A Deep Cycle Battery Over Winter

A deep cycle battery is typically used in marine applications, and these types of batteries require specific care and maintenance that is not required in traditional automotive batteries. This type of battery needs a multiple stage battery charger that can be used to recharge these batteries. A single stage battery charger is used to charge an automotive battery. This means that deep cycle batteries are not fully charged until they undergo multiple stages of charging and discharging cycles.

The battery is designed to be discharged and then recharged many times during its life cycle. On the other hand, discharging an automotive battery one time can lead to the immediate failure of the battery. The charger used for a deep cycle battery should have 8 amps output minimum, and close to 16 amps on the higher side. The good news is that a float mode that is installed in many of the chargers can not only increase the longevity of the battery, but also allows the battery to be charged for a longer period of time.

Initial Charge

Even when deep cycle batteries are brand new, they still need to be charged before they are used. In fact, these types of batteries generally need 20 to 40 discharge/charge cycles before the battery is fully charged. This means that the battery should be broken into gradually during the discharge/charge period, and you should avoid allowing the battery to complete deplete its charge. If this occurs, the service life of the battery could be reduced by months or even years.


Although keeping the battery clean is a very important part of maintenance, it is a step that is often overlooked. When residue is allowed to build on the top of the battery, a circuit could be created between the negative and positive terminals. As a result, the battery has an opportunity to discharge.

The battery posts should be cleaned every year with a wire brush, and then they should be coated with grease in order to prevent oxidation from occurring. The battery case should also be visually inspected every year, or anytime the battery is dropped or is hit by an object. However, by securing the battery in a battery box, you will add an extra layer of protection for your battery.

A deep cycle battery can have an extended service life when it is properly cared for. It is vital to use a charger specifically for this type of battery in order to save you money and guarantee long service.



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