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What To Do When You Want To Sell Your Van

Has your van lost some of its flavor over the years? Are you thinking, "I want to sell my van"? Perhaps it is no longer the love machine it once was? Or the kids have all grown now and there really is no need for a small bus in your driveway? It happens to all good vans and is no fault of anyone's, it just happens. Have you decided what you will do with this once majestic piece of automotive technology? More than likely you are thinking of handing it down to your son or selling it. Our money would be on selling it, do you really want to hand your van over to your son. You do remember what you use to do it, right? Let's take a look at a few ways you can easily sell your vehicle quickly.

Online Classified Ads

Perhaps the easiest way to get that old van off your driveway is through the use of sites like Craigslist and Backpage. In fact, there are hundreds of these classified sites online, even those catering to your local area. Many of these sites allow you to post personal ads for free. You can add a description of the vehicles as well as several photos that will help to attract potential buyers. It is always a good idea to check the Kelly Blue Book value so you can add a reasonable price and give you some wiggle room with negotiations. Of course, you can always go old school with your local newspaper.

Newspaper Classified Ads Still Work

If you want a tried and true method for selling your van, simply call up your local newspaper. You can run an inexpensive ad that is going to get a lot of exposure with people who are wanting to buy a used car. any people tend to forget that not everything has to be done online and there are still many people who don't go online. By only placing ads online you are missing a large part of your target audience.

Now you have two ways in which you can list your van for sale today. Whether you choose to use an online technique or the local newspaper, you will see some results rather quickly. There are always going to be people in need of a good van and if you price your right it will see regardless of where you place the ad. Hopefully, this information will help you make a quick sale on your van.